A collection of my highlighted video works


Created for Takaka's local film festival 'ALLSHORTS'. This video is the result of multiple days of filming and many more hours of editing. It was awarded 'Best Music Video' and also took the top spot with the 'Supreme Award'.

Tui Balms - The Snuffler Promotional

Video made in collaboration with Tui Balms promoting their new product 'The Snuffler' They gave me an excellent script, storyboard and even organised the talent. Perfectly setting me up to create this video!


Created for Beatrice Bourhis

Beatrice, a Takaka local Mixed Media Artist created this beautiful work. She asked me to create a short promotional video for her.  On a special note, the audio/music has been produced by me.


Filmed after-hours in the beautiful Amsterdam street cafe 'IL MOMENTO'.
I created this with a barista friend of mine, inspired by an educational videography YouTube channel.